A Real Whodunit!

Brimming with intrigue, sophisticated humor and surprising twists, Agatha Christie’s iconic murder mystery “The Mousetrap” – about a group of strangers trapped during a snowstorm – is the world’s most successful and longest-running play.

After a local woman is murdered, the guests and staff at Monkswell Manor find themselves stranded during a snowstorm. It soon becomes clear that the killer is among them, and the seven strangers grow increasingly suspicious of one another. A police detective, arriving on skis, interrogates the suspects: the newlyweds running the house; a spinster with a curious background; an architect who seems better equipped to be a chef; a retired Army major; a strange little man who claims his car has overturned in a drift; and a jurist who makes life miserable for everyone. When a second murder takes place, tensions and fears escalate. This record-breaking murder mystery features a brilliant surprise finish from Dame Agatha Christie, the foremost mystery writer of her time.

The Mousetrap
Role Actor
Mollie Ralston Leslie Marsh
Giles Ralston Jack Wyse
Christopher Wren Melissa Weise
Mrs. Boyle Libby Smith
Major Metcalf Paul Marsh
Miss Casewell Laura O’Brien
Ms. Paravacini David Leslie
Detective Sergeant Trotter Tom Duke

Director: Amy Lake

Stage Manager: Myrna Stacey

A Feather In Your Cap Award

In recognition of her exemplary service to the town of Monson in community theatre, the Monson Arts Council is pleased to announce that Phyllis Hull is the very first recipient of “A Feather In Your Cap Award.” This award is given to a member of the local arts community who has made significant contributions to theatre in Monson.  It is named after the very first musical presented “A Feather In Her Cap” written by Mrs. Hull. In recognition of her talents and contributions to Monson theatre, Mrs. Hull will be presented with an award at the inaugural performance of Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling, on Thursday, October 27, 2022 at 7:30 p.m. at Memorial Hall.  To support Mrs. Hull, tickets may be purchased using the button below.

A Feather In Your Cap