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Monson Fire Department

Learn about everything the fire department does. From fighting fires & EMS to Public Assistance & Education.

monson fire department
monson fire department
monson fire dept


The Monson Fire Department needs your help

The Fire Department’s current building is in need of some major repairs and renovations. They have spent hundreds of hours working with the Town and Tecton Architects to develop a cost-effective solution which will have at least a 35-year lifespan.

The town needs you to VOTE YES in favor of the Building Renovation Project at the Town Meeting on May 8th, 2023

We need to support the people who support us. Otherwise, good firefighters and EMT’s will seek employment elsewhere and the services we enjoy today will be greatly impaired.

Show Your Support By Getting a Yard Sign Today

Want to Learn More?

Download the Project Plan now!

Download the Financial Plan now!

How Will This Impact My Taxes? 
Check out this information on how the debt exclusion would work for this project.

The figures in this document are estimates and will vary based on a variety of factors, including interest rates and property assessment values.

Things we do




Public Assistance

We perform a range of duties to help the public, including assisting with lock-outs, lift assistance, animal issues, smoke and carbon monoxide detector installations & battery changes, and street number installations.


Fire & Health Education

We spend a lot of time and care devoted to educating children, schools, scout groups, senior citizens and the public.


Code Enforcement

We will perform inspections and enforce codes related to residential, commercial and educational properties.

Ambulance Subscription Plan

Monson offers an amazing ambulance subscription program!

download this form to register

No ambulance Bill

If your insurance does not cover the entire cost of the ambulance, you will not be billed for any unpaid amounts, including co-payments.

Covers Your Entire Household

All emergency transportation and approved non-emergency transportation is covered for all members of a household living at the same address.

Only $75 Per Year!

It's a small cost to pay for assurance and peace of mind that you will not be hit with a large bill after needing emergency services.

Reflective Street Signs

For only $17 more you can get a highly reflective street sign with your house number on it - this helps emergency services find your home much faster!

Monson Fire Department
Through Time

Ralph Clifford
First Settler in Monson

As the town grew to 49 families, the need for fire protection grew, and the Monson Volunteers Association was formed.

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Monson Fire Department 1901
MFD is Formed

The Monson Fire Department is formed at a meeting of the Board of Selectmen.

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Fire Stations in Town

By 1895, the Monson Fire Department occupied two fire stations, located at Fountain Street and Main Street.  The Main Street station still stands today and is currently occupied by KBG Construction.

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Clydesdale 1921
First Motorized Apparatus

The Monson Fire Department acquires its first piece of motorized fire apparatus.

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MFD 1941
Medical Care

The Rotary Club donates the McKesson Resuscitator Inhaler, used for suffocation by smoke, drowning or other emergencies.  This is the first documentation of the MFD providing medical care to citizens.

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MFD First Ambulance
MFD Gets First Ambulance

A 1948 Packard ambulance is donated to the department by the Rotary Club. Prior to this, an ambulance would respond from Palmer Hospital if needed.  The MFD would go on to purchase its first new ambulance in 1960.

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MFD 1978
Current Station is Built

The existing facility is built to replace the drastically undersized and outdated fire stations on Main Street.

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Fire Chief & EMT's
MFD 1987
Full Time Positions

100 years after its formation, the Monson Fire Department is able to employ its first two full time EMT's to be housed at the station, thanks to a passing town vote.  A second vote is passed to employ a full time Fire Chief.

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